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What am I GCSE PE Starters – AQA

An ideal do now starter aimed at AQA GCSE PE. With the exam date (Friday 19th May 2017) fast approaching get students to recall key terms for each of the definitions at the start of every lesson. Good luck all! What am I – GCSE PE Do-Now Starters for AQA... read more

GCSE PE 5 a day practice exam questions

With the GCSE PE exam drawing ever closer the theory paper becomes the focus of all candidates. Get your pupils to complete our 5 a day practice exam questions to help them succeed. Use any highlighted gaps in their knowledge to focus your revision sessions or their... read more

PE Do Now/Starter Activity & Timer

This FREE PowerPoint has a series of starter questions/do now’s for students entering the classroom. The built in timer is a useful tool in settling students at the start of any lesson. Try it out... read more

12 Minute Cooper Run recording sheet

Use this 12 minute Cooper Run information and recording sheet to allow students to assess their own performance and measure against a standard (below expectation to excellence) Easily adjustable to suit the needs of different classes – Access the resources... read more

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