GCSE Physical Education (9-1) Edexcel – 2016 Specification

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This latest package is designed for students studying the Edexcel GCSE PE 2016 specification. Our ‘Learn it’, ‘Apply It’ and ‘Practice it’ section help students to use or apply knowledge straightaway. The PowerPoints are up to date and ready to use or can be adjusted to suit your class.

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Package includes:

  • Full set of GCSE Theory PowerPoints (see content list below)
  • Scheme of Learning


More Information

This package contains learning objectives, links to helpful YouTube videos, think-pair-share questions, application tasks for students to use knowledge gained and finally practice exam questions and marks schemes in all topic areas.

Examples to download

All our resources are fully editable to suit individual classes.

EDEXCEL 2016 Specification PowerPoints include:

Component 1: Fitness and Body Systems
● Topic 1: Applied anatomy and physiology
1.1 The structure and functions of the musculoskeletal system
1.2 The structure and functions of the cardiorespiratory system
1.3 Anaerobic and aerobic exercise
1.4 The short- and long- term effects of exercise

● Topic 2: Movement analysis
2.1 Lever systems, examples of their use in activity and the mechanical advantage they provide in movement
2.2 Planes and axes of movement

● Topic 3: Physical training
3.1 The relationship between health and fitness and the role that exercise plays in both
3.2 The components of fitness, benefits for sport and how fitness is measured and improved
3.3 The principles of training and their application to personal exercise/ training programmes
3.4 The long-term effects of exercise
3.5 How to optimise training and prevent injury
3.6 Effective use of warm up and cool down

● Topic 4: Use of data
4.1 Use of data

Component 2: Health and Performance
● Topic 1: Health, fitness and well-being
1.1 Physical, emotional and social health, fitness and well-being
1.2 The consequences of a sedentary lifestyle
1.3 Energy use, diet, nutrition and hydration

● Topic 2: Sport psychology
2.1 Classification of skills (basic/ complex, open/closed)
2.2 The use of goal setting and SMART targets to improve and/or optimise performance
2.3 Guidance and feedback on performance
2.4 Mental preparation for performance

● Topic 3: Socio-cultural influences
3.1 Engagement patterns of different social groups in physical activity and sport
3.2 Commercialisation of physical activity and sport
3.3 Ethical and socio-cultural issues in physical activity and sport

● Topic 4: Use of data
4.1 Use of data

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    So glad of some resources for this new spec. Needed since September as our year 9 classes are doing the course over 3 years. Thanks PE Resources Bank.

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    I will be teaching this in September. Great resources, very easy to use!

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    Easy to adapt for my students. Covers the whole Edexcel spec and very happy with my purchase.

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    Very pleased I found your resources. Arrived quickly. Thanks

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    Very happy to receive these quality resources!

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    Recently changed exam boards in GCSE PE so this was a great help. I like the instant digital download option, very handy

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    Happy customer 🙂

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    Good examples on your website which led to my purchase. Thanks

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    Good content, LO’s, Q&A, ready to go, thanks

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    Responded quickly to my enquiry, great service and product

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    Had a couple of issues with downloading resources straight away. Technicians were very helpful and I didn’t have to wait very long.

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    Fast delivery, convenient, spec is covered. Satisfied customer!

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